Good Design = Good Life

Years ago we used to want things to work, and work good, we really didn’t care that much if they didn’t look good, we would settle for a big box with big buttons (in the case of the old electronics) that would turn on, do it’s job and last a long time.

Nowadays we expect things to work, that’s a given, we now concentrate in buying things that look good. That’s the reason why Apple has taken so much of the computers and electronics market with their beautifully designed products. We as consumers are getting a better eye for beautiful things every day as more and more companies are catching up with good design.

It is a fact, good design has become part of our everyday life, we want designer clothing, a well designed computer, car, house and furniture. We want everything to match and work together, we want it to be reliable and beautiful. These demands are making designers to become more creative and to find better solutions.

Here is a video that shows how a furniture company understands what the market needs and by using Good Design is helping people have a Good Life.